Dude. Be Nice


One of our Biggest goals at MMA Futures is to make a difference, and change the image of a sport that is beat up upon by the media.  Whether it be TRT use or fighting outside the cage, we do not believe this is the image we want the sport we love to be portrayed as.

One of the biggest topics out there right now, and something we have found is very close to many fighters hearts, is bullying.  We have partnered with a company whose got a very simple message… Dude. Be Nice.  This message is so simple bet yet so strong, as soon as we saw it we knew we wanted to work with them.  What’s a better message than a bunch of guys that go out and fight in a cage coming out and telling you, Be Nice?  Some may take it as a threat, others may look at it is ironic, either way that is the message we want to get across.

Our goal with this campaign is to get the message out, get into schools and let fighters tell their stories and help define what bullying truly is.  It’s not just a kid beating you up and taking your lunch money.  It’s getting online and calling someone ugly, it’s spreading rumors about people, it’s sharing pictures of someone that they don’t want shared, and so much more.

So we ask you to hop on board our anti-bullying campaign, buy a Red and Black Dude. Be Nice t-shirt from us (All proceeds go to the campaign)  And most of all just know you don’t know what someone else is going through and  – Dude. Be Nice

DBN Front Mock up

MMA Futures – DBN T-Shirt


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