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Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver, born (December 6, 1975) in Sunnyside, Washington and grew up in Maple Valley, Washington, sixty miles from Seattle.

Jens Pulver got his start in MMA through a youth wrestling program. He went on to wrestle at Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, earning two state championships. He wrestled for Highline Community College where he became an NJCAA All-American. Jens then wrestled for Boise State University where he graduated from BSU with a degree in criminal justice. Jens grew up in an environment that few could imagine, and that would cripple most spirits. From this brutal beginning, Jens Pulver spent a lifetime fighting to overcome the poverty of his circumstance, corralling the physical and spiritual demons of his childhood, and eventually unleashing them into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, where he rose to epic proportions. Jens Pulver’s image is branded into video games, t-shirts, athletic gear, and the minds of millions of Mixed Martial Arts fans around the world. Revered as a legend, and now retired.

Jens Pulver was the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion in addition to serving as the head coach on the The Ultimate Fighter 5 reality show against long-time rival B.J. Penn. While perhaps best known for competing in the UFC, Jens has also competed in Pride Fighting Championships, for the Pride, 2005 Lightweight Grand Prix. He is to-date the youngest UFC Lightweight Champion in UFC history. During his term as champion, he was considered the greatest UFC lightweight competitor. Jens won the first UFC Lightweight Championship following his victory over Caol Uno at UFC 30. He held the UFC’s all-time lightweight title defenses record for nearly a decade after his successful defenses against Dennis Hallman at UFC 33 and B.J. Penn at UFC 35. He remains one of the most influential figures in the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jens Pulver is not finished by a long shot. He is still driven, still striving for greatness, knowing that his future and his fate rest solely in his hands. Jens takes on the bridle of never closing the door on who he has yet to become and he uses his influence to better the lives of others. Jens has given legitimacy and an influential energy to MMA Futures and we are very grateful. Jens shares the belief that Amateur fighters and those making the transition to the professional realm, need a platform to present themselves, their skills and their stories. MMA Futures is proud to have someone like Jens on our team to provide such a positive force in the lives of these young fighters across the country and as a mentor for our Grey Hat Team.


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