RECORD: 3-1-0
TEAM: Team Doyle
AGE: 18
HEIGHT: 5’ 9”
WEIGHT: 135 lbs
OUT OF: Omaha, NE
Last Fight Win
Next Fight TBD

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James “Trey” Smith, born (August 20, 1996) in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Omaha, Nebraska at the age or four. Trey grew up in Omaha and considers it to be his hometown.

Trey started training in Mixed Martial Arts while a freshman in high school. “I went into the gym because I wanted to be able to beat people up. But, I have not been in a street fight since I started training. I just fell in love with Martial Arts and I have a real respect for it,” says Smith. Trey Smith trains in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jui Jitsu at Mick Doyles Gym in Omaha. He was a wrestler in high school at Creighton Prep and continues to cross train in wrestling at MWC wrestling academy under Zach Dominquez. Trey considers former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Matt Bentley to be his mentor. “He has really helped me since his transition from the fight game to coaching. I ask him before I make any decisions about my career. He helps me with the fighting and the business side of things that I am just starting to get into,” says Smith. Trey has also trained at Reign Training Center in Orange County, California, with Team Curran in Crystal Lake, Illinois and with Jens Pulver at 802 MMA in Kearney, Nebraska. He currently trains three times a day, five days per week and once or twice on Saturday and Sunday. Trey Smith currently holds the Muay Thai Classic 2014 Junior-welterweight Title.

Trey Smith considers his MMA debut fight against David Monk to be his most impressive victory. “It was the first time I fought without headgear and pads, so I was really happy to see how I could throw down and get the knockout,” says Smith. When asked how he would rank himself nationally Smith says, “I’ve seen a lot of good talent out there but I feel like I could hang in there with anyone right now. I’m confident with my skills and I can see myself rising to the top soon.” Trey considers Dominic Cruz to be the best fighter in his weight class. When asked how he thinks he would compete with Cruz, if a fight were scheduled with him tomorrow, Smith jokes, “I’d like to say I’d beat him up but, uh, I think it would definitely be the biggest test of my career.” Trey explains what he thinks will put him on the map nationally, “I think I need to take whatever fights come along and not back down from anyone. I want to fight the toughest opponents I can get.”

Trey Smith is currently a full-time student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “I’m either at school, at the gym or spending time with my family. I have five sisters and one brother,” says Smith. Trey also teaches the kids competition team at Mick Doyles Gym as a volunteer. When asked about how he gives back to the community Smith states, “I like to be a good role model and mentor for the kids I teach.” In regard to the Grey Hat Program, Smith says, “I’ve been following the Grey Hat Program for quite a while. I always wanted to be a part of it. I was so surprised and excited when you guys called. I’m excited to work with Jens and all of the other athletes. All these guys are studs and I am glad to be a part of the group.”

Trey Smith’s family supports him in his choice to compete in MMA. “My dad is a doctor so at first he was a little apprehensive to have me fight but once he watched my fights he was hooked. He doesn’t miss a fight. My mom on the other hand can’t watch until she knows I’m not hurt. Once they saw how passionate I was about it they had no choice but to support me. And since my debut in MMA I think I have gained a lot of respect. People that I never saw in high school, because I was always training are now calling me out of the blue with support,” says Smith. When asked to describe his life right now in one word, Smith says, “Fun.” He is having fun competing in the sport of MMA and we are all having fun watching this young stand up specialist dominate opponents. MMA Futures is proud to have Trey Smith represent our brand and we look for this young man to move up the ranks very quickly.